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Meifu Petrochemical held large emergency rescue drill

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Meifu Petrochemical held large emergency rescue drill On November 7, 2011, the launching ceremony of the Jiaxing Port’s “119 Fire Awareness Day” Promotion Month activity and the comprehensive emergency rescue drill of Zhejiang Meifu Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was held at Meifu Petrochemical Plant. This event was organized by the of Management Committee of Jiaxing Port Development and Construction (www.uswatchesky.com), undertaken by Jiaxing Port Emergency Response Office and fire brigade, and assisted by Jiaxing Port Emergency Response Center and Meifu Petrochemical Company Co. Ltd. Party Committee Secretary of Jiaxing Port, Wang Maqing, deputy director of the management committee, Wang Xian, executive director of Meifu Petrochemical, Guo Mingdong and other leaders attended the ceremony, and watched the emergency rescue exercises.
Nearly 100 fire fighting officers, fire volunteers, employees representatives from Administration of Work Safety, Environmental Protection Agency, the fire brigade, police brigade, and emergency response center of Jiaxing Port, Pinghu Second People's Hospital, and other social emergency rescue joint service units participated in the drills. Employees of Meifu Petrochemical played the roles of the first and second fire powers in the drill, to complete alarming, evacuation, fire scene early treatment and other fire fighting work. (photographed and reported by Ye Zhisheng)

Rostrum of the launching ceremony        Participating teams    

Memorable moments in the drill