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Guansheng group held the 2016 Mid Autumn Festival dinner

Number of visits: Date:Sep 21,2016

The evening of September 12th, the group company held 2016 Mid Autumn Festival dinner at Nanyang Royal Hotel dragon palace. Group leader group headquarters and all the staff, group subordinate units and branch cadres and staff representatives and guests have a joyous gathering of nearly 150 people, celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival.

Group Chairman speech at the dinner, he represented the board of directors of the company, the company's leadership to the group company all cadres and employees and their families to extend festive greetings and cordial greetings! I wish you health, happiness, success in work, a happy holiday!

During dinner with Cara OK and lucky draw, group office and Guandong company dedicated to the production of the Mid Autumn Festival dinner blessing video for you, the group human resources department brought recite poetry for everyone, group financial department, investment department, transportation department, Jin Sheng, Guandong company, one meter company and other departments the units have brought beautiful songs, feel warm. In the great mid-autumn night, everyone singing songs expressed the company colleagues and good wishes, part of the draw is a wonderful dinner, again to a climax.

Through the dinner, deepen the staff of the company's feelings, enhance the exchange and communication between the people, so that we have a deeper sense of the group's positive corporate culture.

(Wang Ying / Lai Junjing photography reports)