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President’s Address



  Within ten years of continuous development, GuanSheng Group has managed to secure significant positions and obtained desirable results especially in the petrochemical industries, financial investment, information technology, building and real estate etc. It is made possible with our strong beliefs in "unity, development, advancement and innovation" and with the kind assistance rendered by all our dear friends and business associates.     

  Coupled with a strong and solid foundation, our group is embarking on a new wholesome journey exploring new frontiers on many fronts and bringing our success to an even greater scale. No doubt, the path to SUCCESS may not be a smooth sailing journey, it may be a route filled with difficulties and obstructions that stalls our pace for progress. Nothing will STOP us ! Our persistence and perseverance will overcome all odds. Our approach and philosophy of " The Sky is the limit" fosters an environment that enables strategic thinking and creativity.

  With Guansheng's firm commitment, knowledge, drive, energy and enthusiasm, we will continue to prosper and overcome any obstacles in our course to succeed.